Rick Black Pipes

Handcrafted custom Tobacco Pipes

Pat Popes Pipe.
Stogiefarts Pipe.
Jason McNarys Pipe.
Natural bent with rustication.
Mark,Mknchng"s Pipe.
Diesel wrench 4's Pipe
Beans 316 Pipe. 5460 yr old Morta.
Jay Dagners Pipe.
5500 Yr old Morta Dublin.
Aromatic Pipeowls Pipe.
Mini Warden
4600 yr old Morta stubby poker.
Dublin style Chuchwarden with silver band.
Dion Powells Pipe.
Jayson Dagners Pipe.
Wizz D's Pipe.

Dublin Freehand.

4800 yr old Morta Chimney.
4800 yr old Xtra large Morta Poker.

Nick,the Polish Pipers Pipe.

Freehand "Grainiac"

4600 yr old Morta Tankard& Tamper.

Zebra lovat.
Da major Pipe's Pipe.
The Traveling man.
Brown sugar.

Fat Boy.stubby billiard with plateau top.

Fat Plateau Poker.
Steelers Pipe.

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Walnut Chimney.


Excellent Artistan /Seller!! FIVE STARS!! Will Buy From Again!! Thank You!! A+!!

Love this pipe! Quick delivery.Thank you

Best pipe I ever had will buy more from this guy support american made pipes!

Great communication. A pleasure to do business with.

Some testimonials from customers.

Got up this morning after sleeping late from a 12 hour shift last night. Went in to start my coffee and there, in front of the coffee pot, was a large envelope. It finally got here! My Rick Black pipe! No time to waste, ripped it open and there it was! A Billiard style Churchwarden! Wire rusticated natural with a carnauba polish, very nice drilling, stem good and snug fit- flush with the shank all the way around (ok, I make pipes.. I look at this stuff.) Black acrylic cap on the end of the shank smoothly polished! Light weight, removed the stem and weighed the bowl 0.90 oz., very nice!
But how does she smoke? After all, a pipe is like a woman.... looks aint everything (if ya know what I mean!). For an honest test wanted to try an old and faithful blend. Prince Albert. Did a gravity fill with a lite tamp afterward. Char fire, lite tamp, refire. Baby Bear draw! Not too tight, not too loose...just right! Never thought I'd be able to clinch a churchwarden, but with less than an ounce on the end of the stem... no problem! Had a couple relights, but that was all my fault. Busy typing and let it go out, aint the pipes fault, that's for dang sure!
Over all review... Rick's a dumbass! He needs to bump the price up on his pipes! He knocked this one out of the ball park!Basil Meadows.
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Quality Pipes made from Italian Mimmo Briar.
Fruitwood Pipes made of pearwood,cherry and walnut.

Mimbres NM
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